PC or Mac for DJing?

October 12, 2017 by Jason Alexander

In today’s DJ business, using a laptop computer is almost essential. Gone are the days of having to carry around heavy crates of records (thank God). Now, laptops store all your music and whatever DJ software you choose to use. Sure, there are now ways to put all your music on a flash and plug your flash into your player and go “laptop free.” However, you most likely still have your laptop full of music, along with backup drives, cloud storage, etc. So the ever-lasting question remains, “which type of laptop should I use for DJing? A PC or Mac?” The answer isn’t easy, but basically, it depends on your preferences.

Djing Mac

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What's in the mix? With all due respect to vinyl junkies and CD stalwarts, when it comes to. DJ Mac is a wedding DJ service based in Middletown, Delaware. DJ Kruss, the owner and operator, is a experienced and passionate DJ, with over 15 years of professional DJing experience. Mac began his journey in 1987 when he met Jimmy Blunt of J.B.

It’s timeless argument. DJs argue “my Mac is better,” or “my PC is better, faster,” etc. One thing is for sure, when it comes to Mac versus PC, Mac has managed to create an amazing brand campaign. If you didn’t already know, the new iPhone X is going to sell at around $1,000 (at the end of October). That’s the most expensive cell phone that has ever existed. Is it worth it? How different will it be from other phones? The premise is the same for computers. My wife and I both use Macs for DJing, and most of our team uses Macs, as well. Although some of our team members do not and have not had any issues running DJ software with it.

So you may ask, “why do I choose to use Mac or a PC?” For me, it’s about reliability. I know that PCs are reliable, and Macs are also reliable. In my experience, however, I’ve had issues with a PC not being reliable during a gig. It happened twice. The PC was an Asus and it had great specs. After the 2nd issue, I got a Mac and never looked back. The reliability is the number one reason for me. That’s not to say that Macs will never have reliability issues. Like all computers, they won’t last forever. If you upgrade to a Solid State Drive and have a lot of RAM, your computer (Mac or PC) should run well and handle DJ software easily.

Mac djing software

What I also love about Macs are the updates being optional and not forced. PCs have updates and have managed to always force me to update at the most inconvenient times! The last thing I need is for my PC to update, right before a gig starts (or during a gig). No thanks. I rarely update my Mac until after I see that Serato DJ is compatible with the new update.

Overall, the choice depends on your preferences and budget. A Mac with “okay” specs, can cost far more than a PC with better specs. (I’ll discuss branding and influence, later). Do your research and use the computer that suits you. No matter which you choose, always have a backup laptop and have all your music backed up, too!

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Nowadays, Macs are flying off the shelves everywhere due to their popularity amongst the DJ scene. In fact, it’s no coincidence that some of the best DJs in the world are performing on Mac laptops. Of course, we know a lot of DJs prefer Macs for DJing, but the question here is why?

So, why do most DJs use Macbook laptops for DJing? In short, Macs process audio more sufficient & crash less than PC laptops making Mac Laptops more reliable. Also, due to the simple structure of system files on a Mac computer, viruses are nearly impossible to hide. Therefore, making Macs crucial to a DJs best optimum performance.

Unlike Mac computers, Windows computers have system files buried into system folders which are buried into more system folders with more system files. Basically, PC laptops have many folders for viruses to hide in which can make your computer crash and let hackers steal your personal information.

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In this post, we will talk about the best Macs for DJing, what specific Mac hardware specifications DJs look for, the best Mac screen size for DJs, & the difference between Macs and Pc computers.

What are the best Macs for DJing?


First of all, when it comes to choosing the right Macbook Pro for DJing, you better do your research! In fact, if you purchase a Mac with the wrong system requirements for the DJ software you plan to run on it, you can make a huge mistake.


So, what are the best Macs for DJing?

To summarize, when it comes to the best Mac, you need to look at some very important details such as the manufacturing date, the screen size, the CPU processing power, RAM, & the graphics card. Depending on what’s the best hardware out at the time you read this post, will determine the best solution for each factor. Therefore, finding the best Mac for DJing.

MacBook Pro for DJing

MacBook Pro- The MacBook Pro is the number one recommended laptop for DJing because these machines have the best hardware specifications. Although, there are some MacBook Pro computers with hardware not recommended for DJing, so be careful! Keep reading!

MacBook Air for DJing

MacBook Air– The MacBook Air laptops are very popular in the DJ world due to their more inexpensive prices. In fact, a lot of beginner DJs will start DJing with a MacBook Air laptop and upgrade to the MacBook Pro later. Also, keeping the Macbook Air as a backup! Remember, you can’t just buy any MacBook Air laptop and expect it to work flawlessly…

Before we get into what system requirements are, let’s talk about the best Macs you should get for Djing!

MacBook Manufacture Date?

2014 – 2019 Macs Manufacturing Dates

Basically, if you want the best MacBook, the newest 2019 MacBook Pros are going to be your first choice. In fact, buying a brand new 2019 Mac will ensure your laptop isn’t going to crash or break anytime soon!

Furthermore, Macs can last for a very long time if you take care of them properly on a daily. I recommend choosing a Mac that’s no more than 5 years old from its manufacturing date, because newer MacBook Pros obviously last longer. Also, newer Macs have the newest macOS operating System installed which supports all the newest programs.

Choosing Mac specifications for DJing

Although, choosing the right up-to-date Mac is important, choosing the right Mac with the best specs is even more crucial! Also, when it comes to choosing the right Mac specs, you really need to focus on the DJ mixing software you’re planning to run on your Mac.

So, how do you choose the right Mac specs for DJing? In brief, in order to find the right Mac for DJing you need to know the system requirements for the DJ software program you intend to use. You can choose a Mac that has the recommended system requirements or the minimum system requirements.

MacBook Specifications Vocabulary Terms

CPU The CPU stands for the central processing unit, or processor, of the Macbook Pro. The faster the CPU, the faster your computer will process data. Also, meaning it will run DJ software more efficiently. Not that long ago, the best Macs had Intel Dual Core Processors which could process only a couple tasks at a time. Nowadays, Apple creates Macs that have 8-core Intel Processors which can process up to 8 tasks at once!

What is the best CPU for DJing? In short, the best CPU for DJing would be more than the recommended CPU requirements of the DJ software you intend to use. For example, Serato DJ requires a minimum of an i5 processor to run the program without flaw. Later in this post, I’ll explain more about these requirements in my table.

GHz– GHz stands for Gigahertz. Its a unit of measurement for alternating currents, or electromagnetic wave frequencies. To break it down, the higher number of GHz a computers processor has, the faster the current cycles though the processor. PAY ATTENTION when purchasing your next Mac because you could end up getting a Mac with a good processor, but low Gigahertz.

What is the best GHz for DJing? When DJing, Macs with more than 2 GHz tend to operate smoother, so 2.5 GHz and above is more than enough to get the best computer performance.

Ding ma cypress semiconductor

RAM RAM stands for “Random Access Memory”. Basically, the more RAM you have, the more memory is stored as working data and machine code which your CPU can process.

What is the best RAM for DJing? Typically, DJs are running a lot of data and machine code during performances, so 4GB, 8GB, & 16GB of RAM seems to be the best amount of memory for this big task.

Graphics Card- The graphics card, or video card, is a circuit board chip in the Mac that feeds a signal to the monitor to display everything you see. Unless you plan to use Serato Video, edit videos, or even watch videos on your Mac, I wouldn’t worry about the graphics card if I were you…

What is the best Graphics Card for DJing? To sum it up, the NVIDIA GeForce GT is a good graphics card for DJing along with the best, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2GB GDDR5.

MacBook Pro DJ Software Specification Chart

First off, DJ Software programs such as Serato DJ, Traktor, Virtual DJ, & Dex 3 all require specific Mac specs. For example, the following tables describe these 4 popular DJ mixing softwares Mac system requirements:

What size Macs are good for DJing?

Compared to what is under the hood of your Mac to the screen size of your Mac, you would think its not that big of a deal behind those decks. Actually, it does make a difference in the long spin! In fact, you could settle with a 13.3” MacBook Pro, and be squinting at your computer screen while DJing all night. It isn’t going to look very good, trust me.

Although, I’m sure if you’re young and you have 20/20 vision like I once did, you wouldn’t really mind the 13.3″ small screen size...

So, what is the best Mac screen size for a DJ? In brief, most DJs prefer 15.4” MacBook screens so they can see every detail from a far on their computer screen. Bad eyes or not, while in the moment, a bigger screen size can make a big difference!

What are the differences Between Macs & Windows PC

MacBook vs PC

Starting off, the main differences between Mac and Windows PC are the companies that created them! Apple created the Mac which runs on a unix-based operating system, Mac OS X. Microsoft created Windows which runs on a Windows-based operating system such as XP, Vista, & Windows 7.

Even more, I’ve owned numerous Macs and numerous Windows PC laptops, and each one was different in their own way. However, I had more problems with my Windows PC laptops and they never lasted as long as my Mac laptops. Most of all, this wasn’t just a coincidence.

Security Differences

Macs were designed with security being the top focus so that viruses and hackers cannot ruin or steal valuable information. Windows based computers need virus protection programs to find and destroy viruses that hide in the system files.

MacBook Performance

Also, Apple created the Mac computer to intrigue their users with its graphical interface. In the past, running programs that took a lot of processing power such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Fireworks, or Lightroom were never seen on laptops. Now, Apple has given us the opportunity to take these machines wherever we please!

Ding Machine

Windows Performance

Windows PC laptops are more meant for business purposes, unless the Windows PC laptop is upgraded with certain specifications. In fact, I’m sure there are plenty of Window PC laptops out there that are just as good for DJing as a Mac. Just remember the risks involved if you do decide to choose a PC!

Macs for DJing Conclusion

Remember, settling for a “less than the requirements kind of Mac”, will not suffice when it comes to DJing like a professional. Unfortunately, you must invest in a decent, reliable Mac in order to become a really good DJ!

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Please, if you have anything to add and share please feel free! I would love to hear any feedback you may have or tips I should put in this post!