What apps should I download for My New MacBook Pro or any other Mac device? Your search ends here as we present you with the list of the best apps for Macbook Pro 2020 or other macOS based devices i.e. Mac PC, Macbook etc. Keep reading to find out the essential apps for Macbook, which will help you in the long run.

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What Apps Should I Download For My New MacBook, MacBook Pro?

Well, we have characterized all the must-have applications for your MacBook Pro and any other MacOS based device, based on different categories like Productivity, Entertainment, Social & other user needs. Check them out & download the ones you find the best apps for new Mac machines.

11 Best Apps For Your New Macbook, Macbook Pro, and other Mac Devices in 2020

1. Smart Mac Care

The updated 13-inch MacBook Pro now features the new Magic Keyboard, first introduced on the 16-inch MacBook Pro and added to MacBook Air in March. Magic Keyboard features a redesigned scissor mechanism with 1mm of key travel for a comfortable and stable key feel, while the new inverted-“T” arrangement for the arrow keys makes them easier. Currently, Kik messenger does not have an app available strictly for Mac products, however this article will help transfer the android developed app to your iMac or MacBook Pro. Kik messenger was developed to be used on mobile devices and not computers.

The best app for Macbook Pro 2020 is Smart Mac Care as it provides you with a perfect solution to optimize your Mac. This all in one tool will help you keep the Mac in good health by decluttering it and providing security from malware. Smart Mac Care comes loaded with the most amazing features to clean up the unwanted junk, cache, temporary, log and trash files. The Privacy scan helps you in removing the browsing history to keep you safe from the online tracking. The Malware scan detects the infections sitting on your computer and eliminates them.

Smart Mac Care proves to be the best software for Macbook Pro with its additional tools to remove duplicates,failed downloads and login items. With its overall cleaning process your Mac will get back to its optimum performance. You can see the considerable change once you have installed the Smart Mac Care on your Mac, Macbook or Macbook Pro.

2. Dropbox or Google Drive

Both the cloud storage services are household names at this point as useful apps for Macbook. The chances are that you already know the merits of Dropbox & Google Drive. Having any cloud storage solutions, you can get quick access to all your files & folder. With Google Drive, you can work on documents, spreadsheets & presentations even without the Internet. With Dropbox, you can synchronize the data of multiple computers at once place. Both of these services are the best free apps for Macbook Pro.

Both the universal cloud storage services have their own set of merits & disadvantages. If you ask us, Google Drive is a compelling choice as it brings 15GB of space along with best-in-class web apps. At the same time, Dropbox is a good choice for users who don’t need extra web services other than 2GB cloud storage.

Download Google Drive Or Dropbox.

3. Duplicate Photos Fixer

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Usually, it’s advised to keep at least 10% free space from your whole Mac storage to ensure smooth working. If you are on your way to transfer your old photos to your new Mac, then make sure you keep your library duplicate-free. Finding & removing identical & similar images can be a tedious & time-consuming task. But if you use a dedicated duplicate finder utility like Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, you can organize & declutter your Mac in the easiest way possible.

4. Password

Hate trying to remember every single password for every account you’ve ever used? Well, 1Password is a must-have app for MacBook Pro when it comes to storing all your passwords at one secured location in an encrypted vault. The vault gets locked with a single master login password for maximum security. The password manager keeps track of your security questions for different sites & helps you auto-fill them for a hassle-free process.

1Password is the best MacBook Pro app to install, as it works fantastically well for randomly generating strong, unique & secure passwords by auditing your existing passwords. This ensures that you don’t reuse any of them & keep altering them for better security. 1Password offers a 30-days free trial; after that, you can spend $4 per month to continue using the service.

5. VLC Media Player

VLC is another best app for MacBook Pro to install. It works perfectly well with minimal fuss once you start using it. The media player can play almost any audio/video files you throw at it. While most users would probably only use it to watch media, it also offers a decent set of features that most of the advanced users would enjoy. For instance, VLC offers lots of editing tools to help you adjust the file properties & for an enhanced watching experience.

Its interface may sound a bit intimidating to novices, but once a user gets used to it, it is easy to access its various tools. This best free app for MacBook Pro comes packed with a wide range of codecs, making it a universal player. If you are a power user with a huge media collection, VLC is absolutely the best Mac program to give a shot.

6. Time Out – Break Reminders

Several studies show that short bursts of regular movements throughout the day are better for your health than longer workout sessions. But in our busy lives, that’s not always an easy proposition to execute. Thankfully, MacBook Pro has some best apps like Time Out – Break Reminders, which help users remember when to take breaks. With Time Out, the app can strategize how long each kind of break would last & the period between each break.

While you are on a break, a progress bar is shown to evaluate how long until it is over. You have the buttons to postpone or skip the break. Additionally, you can choose to display a notification, play a sound, speak some words, or just run a script to remind it’s time for a break. This will prove to be one of the good apps for Macbook.

7. Audacity

If you’re looking forward to getting started with Podcasting or music recording, then Audacity is a great option to consider. An excellent app for MacBook Pro, Audacity is a free, open-source audio editing software that helps you make your recordings, remove digital noise, chop, combine & mix clips. You can rely on the audio editor to apply special effects, alter frequencies with Equalization, Bass & Treble.

Just install this free app for MacBook Pro, start importing different file formats, and alter the audio files with multi-tracking editing options. Talking about the interface, Audacity features a huge selection of powerful tools to remove vocals for the music track, reduce noise & access other handy wizards for professional results.

8. Flume

Can’t get enough of Instagram? Then you should install Flume For Instagram on your machine. It’s an excellent app for MacBook Pro that provides a unique social experience. You can upload high-resolution images & videos in square & non-square format. Besides this, you can use it to navigate your Insta feed, like, comment & more, making it the best new Mac apps to have.

To use this best free app for MacBook Pro, just install it > log into your Instagram account & just like your smartphone, you can browse feeds easily. Besides Flume, you can try using Photo Feed, App Insta for Instagram & Uplet to help you browse Instagram directly from your Mac machine.

9. Right Backup

From irreplaceable family pictures to the presentation you’re working on, every data is needed to be protected. Without a proper backup system in place, you can lose all those files in a blink of an eye. Fortunately, there are certain top apps for MacBook Pro, like Right Backup, that come with an automatic 12-hour scheduler to update your stored data every 12 hours. Since everything is stored in a secured cloud space, you don’t need to worry about protecting your data on Mac.

Right Backup, a useful app for MacBook Pro, comes compatible with multiple platforms; hence you can access your data anytime, anywhere from any device using the same Right Backup account. To get your lost data backup with the utility, all you need to do is log in with your account & start retrieving important files, photos, videos, documents in a few clicks

10. iSkysoft PDF Editor

One of the best & widely used solutions for viewing & editing PDF files is iSkysoft PDF Editor. It’s a complete suite of PDF editing tools to help users manipulate texts, images, links & other elements without any hassles. You can use this best app for MacBook Pro to crop, rotate, extract, split, add watermarks, change background colors & do a lot more. Talking about the interface, iSkysoft has a simple & intuitive dashboard that makes editing, organizing, review, converting & protecting super-easy.

Users can download & use the free trial version to try all the features once before they spend money to get the premium version. It promises a 30-day money-back guarantee as well if a user comes unsatisfied. You can read more about this top app for MacBook Pro here!

11. Systweak Anti Malware

Systweak Anti Malware is one of the essential apps for Macbook as we all know no device is safe. One must get a security tool to monitor it at all times, and Systweak Anti Malware can do this the right way. It will easily detect the presence of malware on your computer and remove it. This is one of the best Mac programs as it has an up to date database for malware, which helps scan the latest computer virus.

This must-have app for Macbook Pro comes with different scanning options for convenience. You can schedule scans with this new software for Mac, which is incredibly useful for all users who often forget to scan the system from time to time. Shows you all the threats and infected files with its location in the Quarantine section. You can easily remove all the malicious elements with their help and get rid of them from your Mac.

This is just a small selection of some of the Best Apps For MacBook Pro. There are plenty of other applications & utilities out there for each work. If you’ve got any Favorites, leave us a note in the comment section below!

What Do You Think?

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How to Download Kik For Mac?

Even though this excellent messengerapp is not officially available for Mac, you can download it using an emulator.An emulator is a software that tricks your computer to act like something else.Since this app is available on android, we will be working on androidemulation. Here, by using an emulator, your mac will act as an android device.You can do this by using numerous applications that are available on theinternet. Two of the many ways are discussed below.

METHOD 1 – Download KIK on Mac using Bluestacks

  1. Bluestacks is an emulator which is fast and efficient and is so good that it looks like google developed. Bluestacks is free but includes several ads. You will have to get a monthly subscription to gain access to the ad-free version of Blue Stacks, which is not mandatory.
  2. To download Bluestacks, visit the official website of Blue Stacks on your browser or click on the following link.
  3. You will find a “download now” button at the center of the page. Click on it. A .exe file will get downloaded. Open the file.
  4. Click on “run” and install Blue Stacks by following the on-screen prompts.
  5. Once, downloaded, run Bluestacks on your Mac. It will give you an android like feel. You must have a google account to proceed further. You will have to log in or create a google account on the Bluestacks software.
  6. Now the rest is simple. All you have to do is open play store and search for the Kik for Mac app. it will give you numerous suggestions. Click on the first one and install the KIK app. in a few moments, your app will get installed. You can enjoy using KIK on mac!

METHOD 2 – Download Kik for Mac Using the Nox Emulator

  1. Nox emulator is one of the best emulators out there. Just like Blue Stacks, the Nox emulator gives us a smooth experience and also, it is free!
  2. To download the Nox emulator, visit the official site of the software or click on the link provided.
  3. At the center of the page, you will find a button that says “DOWNLOAD”. Click on it. The software will start downloading.
  4. Once downloaded, move the Nox icon to the application folder.
  5. Open the file. Install the emulator by following the on-screen prompts. Once, your Nox emulator is downloaded, run it. You will have to agree to a few terms and conditions. Your Nox emulator is installed!
  6. Open google play store and search for the Kik for Macbook and click install. It will take some time depending on your internet speed. Once installed, you can enjoy chatting with your friends!

How to Use Kik for Macbook?

  • Open the app. if you are an existing user, you will have to log in, and if you are not, you will have to register yourself.
  • To register, click on “register” and enter your full name, create a username, a display name, and a password. Enter your email address for confirmation.
  • Enter your phone number. Fake phone numbers won’t work here.
  • You can use the KIK app. Find friends or create or join any public group chat.

How to Make Friends on Kik?

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  • Now that you have a KIK account, you need some friends. If you already have KIK friends, it’s excellent! But if you don’t, keep reading further.
  • You can link your contacts to the KIK app, which will help you to find your friends easier. But since you are using an emulator linking of contacts would not be possible. So the best way is to share your KIK profile so that other KIK users may find you.
  • In the settings tab, click on “share your profile” and share your KIK profile with all the other social networking sites. Sharing your profile will help other KIK users to get in contact with you.
  • If you want to join any public group or find people with similar interests, click on the “+” sign. Select the option that says join a public group. You will have to search for hashtags followed by a keyword to join the group of your interest. E.g. enter #GoT if you want a group chat which has GoT fandom.


Kik For Apple

Even though this app is similar to WhatsApp, hike, etc. this app has features that make it one of a kind. With its simple user interface, everyone feels comfortable while using this app. Now that you know how to use this Kik for mac fantastic app and find new friends, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy the KIK messenger for mac!