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Download FreeCell. Pro for macOS 10.9 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Take a break from your everyday life with this classic version of Freecell. Enjoy a modern & stylish version of Freecell, with the gameplay you know & love from Freecell for Windows™. Freecell v.2.0.3 Freecell 2.0.3 is a potent and easy to use game for the Mac that doesn't suck! Freecell is a classic solitaire card game which you can win almost every time, if you have the skill. Features include beautiful graphics, full undo and redo, game attempt. Play online a beautiful FreeCell solitaire game. Includes 4 different FreeCell favorites! Play now for free, no download or registration required.

Freecell mac free download
Mac Freecell Free Download

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Latest Version: 2.0.1

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    What does FreeCell - Card Game do? [Grand Update] Prevent Stale Your Mac OS and Update the whole UI, make it more clean and clear;FreeCell is a solitaire-based card game played with a 52-card standard deck. It is fundamentally different from most solitaire games in that nearly all deals can be solved. Although software implementations vary, most versions label the hands with a number (derived from the random number seed used to generate the hand).RulesConstruction and layout:* One standard 52-card deck is used.* There are four open cells and four open foundations. Some alternate rules use between one to ten cells.* Cards are dealt into eight cascades, four of which comprise seven cards and four of which comprise six. Some alternate rules will use between four to ten cascades.Building during play:* The top card of each cascade begins a tableau.* Tableaux must be built down by alternating colors.* Foundations are built up by suit.Moves:* Any cell card or top card of any cascade may be moved to build on a tableau, or moved to an empty cell, an empty cascade, or its foundation.* Complete or partial tableaus may be moved to build on existing tableaus, or moved to empty cascades, by recursively placing and removing cards through intermediate locations. While computer implementations often show this motion, players using physical decks typically move the tableau at once.Victory:* The game is won after all cards are moved to their foundation piles.For games with the standard layout (four open cells and eight cascades) most games are easily solved.Supported Operations:* Tap one column and tap another column, move the cards from the first column to second column if possible;* Double Tap on the column's last card to move it to buffer area, if possible;* Drag cards from one column to another column, if possible;* Auto throw, cards will be throw to recycle automatically, if possible;* Drag from recycle to columns to restore the recycled card, if possible;With Auto-throw, it is much more convenient to finish the card puzzle!Enjoy it, players!

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