Macbook started to crash/freeze entirely intermittently: Object on computer trying to communicate with scary site: how do i restore a macbook pro that has crashed? Keyboard stopped working (MacBook Pro) Hard drive crashed Macbook Pro - Need new drive: How to Resume an Interrupted Download on a MacBook: How to Clear Cookies in the Safari Web Browser. I have a Mac hard drive from a MacBook Pro that does not work. I connected it externally to my PC and tried to copy the files over and keep getting cyclic redundancy checks. So now I need to perform a recovery but none of my recovery software will allow me to recover from a mac onto a PC. Designed with the help of highly trained software professionals Yodot Mac Data Recovery application has all the features, which are required for getting back your valuable data from crashed MacBook hard drive. Scanning of your crashed MacBook volume gets completed within minutes, listing all the types of files and folders that were stored in it.

If you’re anything like me, you will (or already have) accidentally wiped your Macbook’s ssd. It may seem like you just bricked your MacBook, but luckily there is a remedy.

The way forward is to use the built-in “internet recovery” which, on startup, can be triggered via pressing “cmd + R”.


MacBook Pro hard drive failure may occur when you encounter any errors during resizing volumes present in MacBook Pro hard drive; The above mentioned scenarios are responsible for logical failure of your MacBook Pro hard disk drive. But users need not when they lose precious data from MacBook Pro hard disk after its failure. Hi Mike, my MacBook Pro hard drive crashed, I had to get a new one, then restored everything from Carbonite, but my Outlook is empty and I need to recover the received and sent emails, address book, etc. I believe I need to import the file, but cannot determine which file that is and where it is.

There is a bit of a catch: if you do this straight away, there is a good chance that the Mac will get stuck here and throw up an error – error -3001F in my personal experience. This tends to be because the Mac assumes it is already connected to Wi-Fi (when its not) and gives an error after it fails to connect to apple servers. If instead your MacBook lets you select a Wi-Fi network during this process, you’re in the clear and can skip the next paragraph.

Luckily there is another way to connect, via apple’s boot menu. To get there, power the computer on, hit the power button and very soon after, hold the option key. Eventually you will see a screen where you can pick a Wi-Fi network.

Unfortunately if you’re at UMass, eduroam (or UMASS) won’t work, however you can easily connect to any typical home Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot (although you should make sure you have unlimited data first).

Macbook Pro Download Hard Drive Crashed Windows 10

Once you’re connected, you want to hit “cmd + R” from that boot screen. Do not restart the computer. If you had been able to connect without the boot menu, you should be already be in internet recovery and do not need to press anything.

Now that the wifi is connected, you need to wait. Eventually you will see the Macbook’s recovery tools. First thing you need to do is to select disk utility, select your Macbook’s hard drive and hit erase – this may seem redundant but I’ll explain in a moment. Now go back into the main repair menu by closing the disk utility.


Macbook Pro Download Hard Drive Crashed Windows 7

Unless you created a “time machine” backup, you’ll want to pick the reinstall Mac OS X option. After clicking through for a bit, you will see a page asking you to select a drive. If you properly erased the hard drive a few moments before, you will be able to select the hard drive and continue on. If you hadn’t erased the drive again, there is a good chance no drive will appear in the drive selection. To fix that, all you have to do is to erase the drive again with the disk utility mention earlier – the one catch is that you can only get back to the recovery tools if you restart the computer and start internet recovery again, which as you may have noticed, is a slow process.

Depending on the age of your Macbook, there is a solid chance that you will end up with an old version of Mac OS. If you have two step verification enabled, you may have issues updating the the latest Mac OS version.

Hard Drives For Macbook Pro

Out of my own experience, OS X Mavericks will not allow you to login to the app store if you have two step verification – but I would recommend trying, your luck could be better than mine. The reason why we need to App Store is because it is required to upgrade to High Sierra/the present version of OS X.

If you were unable to login, there is a work around – that is to say, OS X Mavericks will let you make a new Apple ID, which luckily are free. Since you will be creating this account purely for the sake of updating the MacBook, I wouldn’t recommend using your primary email or adding any form of payment to the account.

Upgrade Macbook Pro Hard Drive

Once you’re logged in, you should be free to update and after some more loading screens, you will have an fully up-to-date MacBook. The last thing remaining (if you had to create a new Apple ID) is to log out of the App Store and login to your personal Apple ID.