The release of Visual Studio 2017 is another critical element in Microsoft’s pivot to the “any developer, any platform, any device” mindset that has seized the company in recent years. With Visual Studio 2017 Succinctly by Alessandro Del Sole, you’ll be ready to use many of the great new features in the latest iteration of the IDE, like deeper Roslyn integration in the code editor, updated debugging and testing tools, enhanced mobile and web development support, and so much more.


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Topics included: Introduction • A New Installation Experience • The Start Page Revisited • Code Editor Improvements • XAML Improvements • Working with Solutions, Folders, and Languages • Extensions and Extensibility • Debugging and Testing Improvements • Visual Studio 2017 for Mobile Development • Visual Studio 2017 for Cloud and Web Development.

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Author(s): Alessandro Del Sole
Publisher: Syncfusion Inc.
Published: March 2017
Format(s): PDF, Mobi
File size: 4.91 MB(pdf)
Number of pages: 136
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  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications lets you add and run VSTA customizations in applications that are integrated with VSTA. VSTA 2017 has two primary modes of operation: with a supported version of Visual Studio installed and standalone.
  • Download Visual Studio Community 2017 for Mac from FileHorse. 100% Safe and Secure Free, fully-featured IDE for students, open-source and individual developers!
  • Visual Studio 2017 is the most awaited software from Microsoft. The first version of Visual Studio IDE was released on March 19, 1997, which was Visual Studio 97. At that point of time, C# didn't exist and Visual Basic, Visual C etc. Languages were part of this great tool. We can download Visual Studio 2017 from the Visual Studio official site.

May 13, 2019 Click the button to download the latest version of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac. For instructions on setup and install, see the Setup and Install Visual Studio for Mac documentation. To learn more about Visual Studio 2017 for Mac, see Mac System Requirements and Mac Platform Targeting and Compatibility.

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Live Server loves 💘 your multi-root workspace

Live Server for server side pages like PHP. Check Here

[For 'command not found error' #78]

Visual studio 2017 free edition

Launch a local development server with live reload feature for static & dynamic pages.

Shortcuts to Start/Stop Server

[NOTE: In case if you don't have any .html or .htm file in your workspace then you have to follow method no 4 & 5 to start server.]

  1. Open a project and click to Go Live from the status bar to turn the server on/off.

  2. Right click on a HTML file from Explorer Window and click on Open with Live Server..

  3. Open a HTML file and right-click on the editor and click on Open with Live Server.

  4. Hit (alt+L, alt+O) to Open the Server and (alt+L, alt+C) to Stop the server (You can change the shortcut form keybinding). [On MAC, cmd+L, cmd+O and cmd+L, cmd+C]

  5. Open the Command Pallete by pressing F1 or ctrl+shift+P and type Live Server: Open With Live Server to start a server or type Live Server: Stop Live Server to stop a server.


  • A Quick Development Live Server with live browser reload.
  • Start or Stop server by a single click from status bar.
  • Open a HTML file to browser from Explorer menu.[Quick Gif Demo].
  • Support for excluding files for change detection.
  • Hot Key control.
  • Customizable Port Number, Server Root, default browser.
  • Support for any browser (Eg: Firefox Nightly) using advance Command Line.
  • Support for Chrome Debugging Attachment (More Info). [Quick Gif Demo].
  • Remote Connect through WLAN (E.g.: Connect with mobile) [Need Help? See FAQ Section]
  • Use preferable host name (localhost or
  • Customizable Supporting Tag for Live Reload feature. (Default is Body or head)
  • SVG Support
  • https Support.
  • Support for proxy.
  • CORS Enabled
  • Multi-root workspace supported.
  • Support for any file even dynamic pages through Live Server Web Extension.


Open VSCode and type ctrl+P, type ext install ritwickdey.liveserver.


All settings are now listed here Settings Docs.


All FAQs are now listed here FAQ Docs

What's new ?

  • Version 5.6.1 (17.04.19)

    • [NEW] Fixing Extension host terminated unexpectedly *[#431
  • Version 5.6.0 (17.04.19)

    • [NEW] Intregation of Browser Preview with Live Server[#352 - Thanks to Kenneth Auchenberg]
    • [NEW] Fallback to random port If given port is busy. [#330 - Thanks to Ali Almohaya ]
    • [FIXES] Moved to vscode-chokidar lib for #285.
    • Doc Fixes [#388 - Thanks to Ted Silbernagel]
  • Version 5.5.1 (12.02.19)

    • [Fixes] Fixed Extension host terminated unexpectedly for MacOS. [#285]
  • Version 5.5.0 (12.02.19)

    • [Fixes] Fixed ignoreFiles settings [#255]
    • Attempt to fix high cpu load [#278]


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