Visual Studio Code is a great code editor and fully compatible with Unity. If you don't know it and you want to start working with it; this little tutorial is for you πŸ™‚

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Unity Tutorial Level: Beginner.

2.1 Why Visual Studio Code?

Due to the Unity's announcement in which talks about 'MonoDevelop' will no longer be the default code editor for the next releases of Unity game engine (see 05 / discontinuing-support-for-monodevelop-unity-starting-in-unity-2018-1 /); those who still use this editor need to move to another software. In this way, Unity gives the users the opportunity to choose among code editors such as Visual Studio (in its Community or Code versions) or JetBrains.

We prefer Visual Studio Code, which is a free, powerful and easy to use code editor developed by Microsoft.

2.2 Installing Visual Studio Code.

Installing Visual Studio Code is a very simple task, you just have to do:

  1. Visit the Visual Studio Code website ( ).
  2. Choose your Operative System and download the Installer.

3. Open the Installer and follow its instructions (is not necessary to modify something, the default settings are suitable to have a functional Visual Studio Code in our computers).

Β‘Visual Studio Code is Now Installed!

2.3 Installing C# in VS Code.

To start coding in C# (C Sharp) language and be able to work with Unity, we need to:

  1. Install β€œMicrosoft .Net Core SDK” in our computers; visit the following link to obtain the installer:
  2. Open the β€œMicrosoft .Net Core SDK” installer and follow its steps to complete the installation (is a very simple process).

3. Restart your computer, then Microsoft .Net Core SDK will be ready.

With β€œVisual Studio Code” and β€œMicrosoft .Net Core SDK” installed in your computer, the next step is getting the β€œC#” extension for Visual Studio Code. There are two methods to do this:

  • The first way is through the Visual Studio's β€œMarketplace” website ( By clicking on the β€œInstall” button the system will start 'Visual Studio Code' in our computers in order to continue with the installation.
  • The second way is by opening 'Visual Studio Code' in our computers, then click on the β€œExtensions” icon (or from the Menu bar: View β†’ Extensions). Once the 'Extensions' window is shown, type in the search bar β€œC#” and then choose: β€œC#C# for Visual Studio Code (powered by OmniSharp)”.

On both ways Visual Studio Code must be open and we have to see something similar to the above picture (Visual Studio Code showing the 'C#' Extension), now just click on the β€œInstall” button.

Β‘We can Start Coding in C#!, we just need to enable Visual Studio Code within Unity.

2.4 Enabling Visual Studio Code in Unity.

Enabling Visual Studio Code as the default Code Editor inside Unity is very easy, just follow the next steps:

  1. Open a Unity Project (new or existing).
  2. From the Menu bar go to Edit β†’ Preferences, this opens the β€œUnity Preferences” window.

3. In β€œUnity Preferences”, at the leftcolumn click on β€œExternal Tools”, this window now will show the β€œExternal Tools” information and here we have to select β€œBrowse” from the β€œExternal Script Editor” drop-down list .

4. We have to search for the code editor β€œ.exe” (for Windows) or β€œ.app” (for macOS) file. For Visual Studio Code on Windows, the required file is β€œCode.exe” and can be found at β€œC:Program FilesMicrosoft VS Code” (or C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft VS Code). On macOS, the file is β€œ” and can be found at β€œ/Applications”. Finally, this β€œUnity Preferences” section will be shown like this:

Β‘Now We Can Use Unity with Visual Studio Code!


This Tutorial about how to install Visual Studio Code and how to enable it inside Unity ends here. Follow us in the next tutorials to learn more about the amazing Game Development World.

If you want to know more about Visual Studio Code for Unity, visit or, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or advice by clicking 'Here'


1. First Steps with Unity

2. Installing Visual Studio Code for Unity

More Tutorials

There are tons of articles online tells us it is 2020, we should use the Visual Studio code, which is a good coding tool (or IDE) with numerous extensions. This article is the complete and most easy guide on how to config your Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio For Mac Visual Basic

Things I am using:

  • Macbook Pro 2017
  • Unity: 2019.3.15f1
  • Visual Studio Code: 1.46.0

Step 1: Install the .Net Core SDK, you can download the SDK from here:

The latest version as of today is .NET Core 3.1. Download the pkg/dmg file and install.

Step 2: Install the mono, someone also suggested to download from its official website from:, I tried but not successful. Here I would show how I installed, copy and paste the following command to your terminal:

After installation, you should be able to see a path in your terminal, this is IMPORTANT, keep the path!:

You probably see a different version here, which doesn't matter.

Step 3: Install necessary extensions:

Some extensions are necessary for project and coding, such as code auto compeletion, code formatting and so on. I would recommend the following three extensions:

Step 4: many tutorials claimed they already successfully with above three steps. However it doesn't work for me, some essential features are missing, i.e. VS Code even can't auto complete the Rigidbody2D for me. After googled around, I found the following trick:

Visual Studio Unity Tutorial

Go to Code-> Preferences -> Settings, then search mono, and click Edit in settings.json.

Visual Studio Mac Unity Download Pc

Visual Studio Mac Unity Download

Visual Studio Mac Unity Download Windows 10

Then in the opened setting.json, search and find mnisharp.monoPath and put the path from step 2, and change the value of omnisharp.useGlobalMono to always, one example of my configuration:

Install Visual Studio Mac

Quit and restart your Visual Studio Code to make the changes effective.


Visual Studio Mac Unity Download Windows 7